Smart Board Activity

This activity will explore synonyms and antonyms. It will also encourage class participation. In my first slide, I introduce the lesson on antonyms and synonyms. On one side we have the word, on the other is the definition. A student can come to the board and connect the correct definition to the correct word. This […]

Concept Map: Plant Parts!

Concept maps are great ways to visualize and learn how to branch away from a main idea and see the smaller parts of the whole. They can be used on a variety of topics, such as to see all the different parts of the plants and how they work together as one whole! Check out […]

Circuit Math APP

Circuit Math APP Check out this math app. It is a great tool to have kids practice subtraction and addition with the feel of a fun game. You can try to beat your own time and move on to up to six levels in both addition and subtraction.


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