Smart Board Activity

This activity will explore synonyms and antonyms. It will also encourage class participation.

In my first slide, I introduce the lesson on antonyms and synonyms. On one side we have the word, on the other is the definition. A student can come to the board and connect the correct definition to the correct word. This is how we will begin learning the difference between antonyms and synonyms.


In the 2nd slide, I give examples of both synonyms and antonyms to discuss.


The 3rd slide shows pictures. Students then have to come to the board and write in two synonyms that describe the picture.


The 4th slide again gives a picture, but this time an antonym must be written by the student to describe it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 10.21.00 PM

On the 5th slide, I give the students a word and they can write in the antonym and the synonym for it. There are a few extra blank space for the students to come up with their own word.


The final slide gives the students a chance to come to the board and write their own examples of antonyms and synonyms, much like the examples I gave at the beginning of the lesson.


By the end of the activity, students should have a better understanding of antonyms and synonyms as well as being able to come up with their own examples. Hopefully they also had fun participating and creating their own examples!


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